?Our business has received some bad reviews. I'm not sure if we want attention drawn to [the review site].

The best way to combat bad reviews is with good ones. Chances are, the people you are asking to give you a review will be giving you a positive one. The best part about our process is that you only ask for a review when you feel it is warranted to do so - NOT leaving you susceptible to clients who are not happy.

?How will paying for a service to increase the amount of reviews also increase profits for my company?

With fresh activity in the most popular review communities, such as Yelp or Houzz, more potential clients who value good businesses will find you. These clients are looking for your business, leaving you less resistance in the sales process. In terms of digital presence, this needs to be continually updated for relevance in your market. GoReview.it rewards you in two ways: positive reviews increase the likelihood of new, qualified clients, while new reviews automatically update your presence.

?Is GoReview.it a one time purchase or an ongoing subscription?

GoReview.it is a monthly or yearly subscription. As we continue to make updates, monitor your activity and offer support and enhancements, we will update you. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to grow your company.

?Do client reviews help my website rank better on search engines?

Reviews make up a portion of most search engines' algorithms, like Google. The more real, quality reviews you get on a regular basis, the more you are helping your website increase its relevance. Staying relevant means more potential clients will find you.

?I don't have an in-person relationship with my client. Is this something that could work for me?

Yes it can. However, you will need to set the stage a little more and work on your communication skills over the phone. Testing has shown us that you can either start our process over the phone, or in the home at the completion of installation, and still get results. The consistency of your efforts is where the strength of our results will come from.

?I've sent out a couple request emails, but I haven't heard anything back from the clients. How do I know this is working?

Let us start with saying that reviews are extremely hard to get on any of these sites. That's why we created GoReview.it. If it was easy, then they would not carry so much weight when there is one. That being said, our process allows you to consistently, and in a professional way, request and remind your clients to share their experience. We remove obstacles in your clients way. It's that simple.

?What makes GoReview.it different from these other review requesting companies?

Simply put, we are not looking to compete with sites like Yelp or Houzz, creating another review community. Our goal is to make sure we are getting your business presence in the most current review communities with absolutely no bias as to which one. It's all about your and your company, gaining market presence. We stay current with the most popular review sites, easily adjusting for any new review community that pops up with relevance.

?Why is GoReview.it $50 a month when other companies are $20 or even $9.99 a month?

We believe in support and active monitoring. Our coaching and side-by-side support will grow your business. Many of these companies are looking for the cost to be so inexpensive that you simply just keep paying it, regardless if it works. We believe that if you invest in a tool/process at a reasonable monthly amount that you will be committed in using it. This is important to us as we can not do this alone. Our Process + Your Effort = Results.